A Virtual Tour Can Help You Recruit New Employees

While the economy in the United States may fluctuate from time to time, for the last several years we’ve seen an increasingly competitive hiring market for most companies. Qualified and experienced employees are worth their weight in gold, and it’s critical to your business success that you are able to contend for the best. For many job seekers these days, that competition begins online. As younger people enter the workforce each year, more and more prospective hires begin their search via the internet. Even if the job posting isn’t found online, they’ll likely research your company and the workspace through your own website and referral sites like Glassdoor or Indeed before ever setting foot in your office. These job seekers may have specific questions they’re trying to answer in this search, such as what your benefits packages look like or how long the average employee stays. However, there’s one ultimate question they’re trying to answer that may seem a little less concrete, but is still incredibly important. “Can I see myself working here?”

That’s where a virtual tour comes in. A hiring page with long blocks of text filled with job descriptions or qualifications desired may answer a number of questions a job seeker is asking, but they also can be boring and blend in with the dozens of other companies your prospective hire may be looking at. Adding a virtual tour helps you stand out from the crowd. It grabs the attention of the viewer and captures their curiosity in a way that boilerplate text from human resources simply can’t compete with. What’s more, it helps get to that broader question, “Can I see myself working here?”

A well designed virtual tour does more than simply show the layout of your building. It can in many small but meaningful ways communicate your company's culture. Do you have decorations around the office? Can a casual viewer note the personality each employee is able to bring to their workplace? Maybe you change out your virtual tour a few times a year, so that seasonal accents, like holiday decorations, can be seen. Make sure to include recognition areas, like postings of the employee of the month or sales leader boards. Balance out your sleek and professional work areas with a view to the relaxed break areas and include a view to on site meal options or snack stations. Do you have an exterior walking path for employees to enjoy the outdoors on a break? Include it with your virtual tour! Do you have a great view of the city from one of your conference rooms? Make sure it’s highlighted! All of these items not only show off your space, but begin the process of helping a possible new hire begin to see themselves spending their career with you. 

If you’d like to schedule a virtual tour with our highly qualified team at incredibly competitive rates, contact us today to get started!

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