Book Review: Dawn of the New Everything by Jaron Lanier

“Dawn of the New Everything” by Jaron Lanier

Reading Time: < 1 minutes Jaron Lanier reads like a cross between digital Renaissance Man and a cross country adventurer. In adolescence, he designed and built the geodesic dome he and his father lived in. He traveled across the American southwest, studied world music, and trip-sat for Richard Feynman while the famed physicist experimented with...Continue reading

Virtual Tour of Crema & Co.

VR Tour: Crema and Co

Reading Time: < 1 minutes VR Tour: Crema and Co Who doesn’t love chocolate and coffee? Well, to find some of the best, you want to check out Crema and Company in Covington, Kentucky. Not only a selection of chocolate and hand-crafted pastries, they also premium ice creams and even Ghyslain Signature hand painted chocolates....Continue reading

A VR Tour of Style Flooring

VR Tour: Style Flooring

Reading Time: 2 minutes Style Flooring is an interior design store in Northern Kentucky that combines a wide selection with superior customer service. Their focus is on not just giving the customer the items they want, but offering knowledge to help the customer make the best possible decision. This comes through clearly in this VR...Continue reading

Virtual Reality & Meditation

Virtual Reality and Meditation

Reading Time: 2 minutes Meditation is an ancient practice that continues to gain adherents in the modern age. Even as we find more and more people leaving behind traditions that were practiced by their parents, more and more active adults are finding a variety of benefits from a practice that’s as old as the written...Continue reading

How Drone Photography can Benefit Your Business

How Drone Photography can Benefit your Business

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ever since the invention of flight, taking photographs from the sky has been the exclusive field of a limited scope of people. Chartering a flight with an appropriate plane, an agreeable pilot, and having a camera that is appropriate to the unique needs all left this out of reach for your...Continue reading

Virtual Tour of Blue Ash Strength & Conditioning CrossFit

VR Tour: Blue Ash Strength & Conditioning Crossfit

Reading Time: < 1 minutes Summer is coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your summer body goals! Join our friends at Blue Ash Strength and Conditioning Crossfit to get a jump start on your workout goals. They describe themselves as “revolutionary strength and conditioning facility, located in...Continue reading

A Virtual Tour of Native Brand Clothing

VR Tour: Native Brand Clothing

Reading Time: < 1 minutes Native Brand Clothing is a hip and fashionable clothing line from Cincinnati, Ohio, started when founder Jay Banks began selling handmade shirts at local Reds games. Check out their storefront that’s been integrated to a VR tour for a unique online selling experience. You can click on the action points...Continue reading

VR is more than just a game and we can prove it

VR Isn’t Just For Video Games

Reading Time: 2 minutes Obviously we’re big fans of Virtual Reality around here, we even named our business after it. VR is an exciting frontier in technology, with new advancements coming out all the time. However, for most people, Virtual Reality is seen as a development for video games and toys, not a serious tool...Continue reading

Red Camera used for VR Tours

You will not believe how much this camera costs!

Reading Time: 2 minutes When it comes to cameras, there are basic models that are easier on the budget, and then there are models that provide superior quality photographs and videos, which can be pretty pricey. How much are you willing to spend on photography and video? RED is known for their expensive cameras and...Continue reading

A Virtual Tour of the Rosedale with Prism VR

VR Tour of Rosedale Bar in OTR

Reading Time: 2 minutes There are a number of bars in the Greater Cincinnati area. Like, a lot. So opening a new one is always a risk, the folks at Four Entertainment Group (4EG) know that, and yet they opened the Rosedale Bar in Over the Rhine in 2017. Looking at the space though, it...Continue reading

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