Remodeling How a VR Tour Can Help

Remodeling projects can be intimidating for many homeowners. As you begin to tackle the multiple moving parts, working with either a contractor or trying to do things yourself, things can quickly get out of hand. If you’re working with contractors, you’re trying to keep track of the work being done, the budget, the timeline, as well as keeping an eye on the long term plan for the project itself. If you’re attempting the project as a do it yourself endeavor, it leaves you doing all those same items, as well as trying to budget your time, tracking materials needed, and often stopping and picking back up at intervals as your daily life interferes with the progress of the task.

Our virtual tours are a powerful tour in trying to tackle these responsibilities. With a virtual tour, you are able to get a clear image of the work that needs done, which helps when trying to coordinate with a contractor. With set data points in the tour, you can clearly delineate requested projects in a visual way to ensure no miscommunication as the planning progresses. It also gives you a baseline to return to if accountability conversations come up, allowing you to pin point in a visual medium what was communicated and how plans aren’t proceeding in the agreed upon manner. When working on your own, you can use virtual tours to identify trouble spots in your planning, and pick up where you left off when work is interrupted.

If you’re a contractor yourself, virtual tours are a fantastic marketing tool to build your portfolio. Flat photos, even high resolution professionally done ones don’t have anywhere near the impact of a virtual tour when it comes to showing off the results of your work. Because our virtual tours are competitively priced, you can get a virtual tour done of a project before you start, and again when you’re finished, allowing for a dramatic presentation of the changes your work has provided. This serves as an excellent demonstration to both your current customer as well as potential future ones of just how much you’ve accomplished.

If you’re a homeowner who’s not planning on completing needed work before reselling your home, a virtual tour can be a valuable asset in your selling process. You can highlight opportunities for work to be done and how potential buyers can recoup their investment quickly. You can demonstrate that a “fixer upper” home has huge opportunities by not only demonstrating the work that needs done, but also showing how the core fundamentals of the home are still in good shape.

Regardless of whether you’re a homeowner looking to improve your space, a contractor looking to demonstrate your work, or a seller looking to highlight fixer upper opportunities, a virtual tour can help your renovation project succeed! Contact us today for a quote to get you started!

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