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How Drone Photography can Benefit Your Business

Ever since the invention of flight, taking photographs from the sky has been the exclusive field of a limited scope of people. Chartering a flight with an appropriate plane, an agreeable pilot, and having a camera that is appropriate to the unique needs all left this out of reach for your average small business. With the advent of drone photography, the ability to include sweeping shots from the sky are far more accessible than ever before. But it still takes a level of expertise and dedication that you don’t have time for. As a small business owner, you have a thousand other jobs on your plate, and becoming an expert flying photographer adds a whole other list of skills that you likely just can’t find the time for. And time is most important resource you have.

That’s where we come in. The experts at Prism VR will use our drone technology to bring to the table for your business plan. We have a complete suite of options with drones and VR technology to provide dynamic and arresting images for your promotional use. But how can you employ these images? Here’s some ideas on how to put our photography projects to good use.

Real Estate

Real estate, like so many other sectors, is an increasingly competitive market. To set yourself apart, you need something special. More and more buyers are spending a greater majority of their home buying experience online. Visiting the property may only come at the end of the process, when a decision is mostly made. This means there’s a greater importance on making sure your online listing really captures the heart and soul of a properly. Most real estate listings will have a handful of pictures of the interior of the home, and maybe a well-manicured exterior image. With our skills, your online listing can give the reader a genuine impression of the property, with not only our standard virtual tour of the interior, but a drone tour of the exterior. This gives you the soaring view of the property and its surroundings that takes a viewer from someone simply browsing a listing to someone imagining their new home.


Farming as an industry has  evolved drastically due to technology, and the impact of drone photography is no exception. Taking a full survey of your property to strategize planting and fertilizing agendas, or identify gaps in fencing would have previously taken hours or even days for a farmer on the ground to complete. A drone, however, can complete the task in a far shorter space of time, while capturing images that can be used for long term planning. What’s more, these images saved of your property can make great tools for tracking progress season over season, identifying trends in growth and development allowing you to see different years compared side by side in a way that may be difficult with human memory alone. Let’s not forget either that these kinds of expansive images of your farm make for great commemorative items for future generations.

Social Media

For any business, but especially for small businesses, social media is an exciting new field of customer engagement. You can leverage tools that give you just as extensive a reach as any larger company might have. You can specifically target your posts to an interested audience in a way that wouldn’t have been possible just a handful of years ago. Standing out in this field, though, can be an entirely different challenge. Potential customers need a way to be captured by your ideas and your product amidst the clamoring noise of other advertisers and entertainment venues found side by side in the social media landscape. Using drone photography in your posts can bring your business’ image into sharp relief against the tumultuous background found online. Images that enthrall your customer and bring them into the vision you wish the share, either by giving them a different view of your location, or take them into a new way to your product.

These are just a few ways our drone photography tools can be added to your business toolbox, giving you the chance to shine while still focusing on your core product. Contact us today so we can join you in creating a strategy that can help take your business in fantastic new directions!

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