Virtual Reality Tours: How it Works

How exactly does a virtual tour work?

We use the latest technology to collect accurate visual and spatial data to map entire areas, including indoors and outdoors, of your space. We then create 3D images that allow you to be immersed in the space as if you were there in person!

Before Your Tour

The first thing everyone wants to know is the pricing.  We offer straightforward pricing per square foot.  No hidden fees.  We will arrange a date to come to your location and take the footage needed for your tour. 

You don’t need to do much to prepare for a virtual tour.  Just make sure the space looks exactly how you want it photographed.  We will not be Photoshopping out imperfections or things you forgot to put away.  (Check out more tips on getting ready for your virtual tour here.)

The Day of Your Tour

The day of your tour, someone from our team will bring our equipment to your location.  Moving from room to room we will take high-resolution, 360-degree photos of the entire space.  The length of time varies depending on the size of the area to be mapped.

After Your Tour

We will provide you with a link to your virtual tour that you can embed, share, or post.  We also include complimentary stills with each tour.  


To learn more, check out the video below or give us call.