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How to Prepare for Your Virtual Tour

Congratulations! You’ve made the excellent decision to have a virtual tour done of your property, a move that will be sure to offer benefits whether you are trying to sell your home or demonstrate a remodel, or maybe you just want a virtual tour of your office to recruit new employees. The next step though is to prepare the space so you can get the greatest possible impact from your virtual tour, and we wanted to offer two pieces of advice on specific things you can do to make this the best possible experience.


Think about what you want your tour to accomplish 

The first thing you’ll want to keep in mind when preparing for your virtual tour is what you’re hoping to accomplish with the tour. There are a number of great reasons to get a virtual tour of your property, and what your individual reason is will change how you want to prepare your space and what you’re going to highlight. For example, if you’re a contractor who’s getting a before and after virtual tour to show off a remodel you’re completing work on, you may want to highlight specific damage to the area that you’re repairing or you want to show off the brand new lighting fixtures and bathtub you’ve installed. You’ll want to make sure the space is set up best highlight these spots and any distractions are removed. If you’re getting a virtual tour to add to your real estate listing, think of it from the approach of an open house. If there’s a large bay window in the dining room you think would catch a buyer’s attention, or a beautifully ornamented wooden interior balcony, you want to make sure these items are clearly When we arrive, we’ll make sure that the tour is photographed in a way to highlight these points. We can even add “action points” where you can add notes at specific points along the tour to help guide viewers and share additional information, even add links to an online store to help convert viewers of your virtual tour into shoppers. Check out our “Shop My House” concept video for a demonstration of these capabilities!


Plan out the space

Once you have a clear idea in mind of what you’re hoping to accomplish with your virtual tour, you’ll want to take the time to do a physical walkthrough of the space. Make note not only of things you may want to highlight or what you may want to de-emphasize, but also give consideration to the overall appearance of the space. Make sure surfaces are all properly cleaned. Unlike still photos, virtual tours mean the viewer can explore the space, and that smudge on the left hand wall may not be as hidden as you might expect. Make sure any lighting in the area is properly working. While we do bring equipment with us, if the native lighting is properly operational, it can help the experience run more smoothly. Also make sure the area is free of obstructions, so we can easily and efficiently move our camera around for the necessary shots. 

With these points firmly in mind, you’re ready for your virtual tour, which could benefit you or your business in a variety of ways. Contact us today to schedule you shoot!

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