How Can a Virtual Tour Benefit Your Real Estate Listing?

Our virtual tours are the heart and soul of our business, and some of our favorite tours to complete are for real estate listings. Some homeowners though question why they should bother using a virtual tour for their listing. There’s a temptation to use no pictures of your home’s interior at all, or to simply use pictures taken with a cell phone. There are a number of reasons why you’ll benefit from having a professionally done virtual tour on your real estate listing.

Set your listing apart

First, and perhaps most obvious, a virtual tour sets your listing apart from cheaply done mobile phone photos or listings that have no picture at all. A virtual tour has the benefit of novelty, particularly in a world where the majority of homebuyers are doing some or all of their home buying online. When a prospective buyer is sorting through dozens if not hundreds of listings in your area, a virtual tour is something that makes them more likely to click on your listing.

Give a better sense of space

Flat, cheaply done photos are all too common on most real estate listings, and they give no real sense of the space of your home. Naturally, a prospective buyer will find themselves wondering what it is you have to hide. It becomes difficult for that golden moment when a buyer can start to imagine themselves owning your home to ever appear if the photos don’t give any real sense of the reality of your home. With a virtual listing, a buyer can explore the space and get a real sense of your home and what it would be like to own it. You can add action points that highlight unique features that set your home apart, and even include things like the view out your favorite window, or how the open concept kitchen allows you to share social space with the living room.

Gain traction on social media

Sites like Facebook and Twitter are where more and more people are spending the majority of their time online, and this is a valuable market to capture when trying to sell your home. A virtual tour becomes something that can be not only shared via social media, but it also likely to gain more attention there. In an ever increasing bid for content that’s both unique and experiential, a virtual tour offers both. While not every person who views and shares your virtual tour is a prospective buyer themselves, they do open your listing up to a wider network that does include prospective buyers, at a price that is far lower than just about any relevant advertising opportunity you could find.

So if you’re selling a home this spring, take the best first step you can to make your listing a quality one, and set up a virtual tour with us today. At just seven cents per square foot, we have the most competitive pricing for the best quality listing you could ask for!

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