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SEO optimization

For an ever increasing portion of businesses today, the success or failure of their marketing plans hinges almost entirely on where they show in the ever present Google search results. Marketing has always been about making sure possible clients and customers are aware of your business and your services, the channel through which they gain that knowledge has constantly been changing. Where before a simple radio campaign or even a basic yellow pages ad might have been enough, most customers won’t do much more after having run a search through their favorite search engine, whether it’s Google, Yahoo, Bing, or others. The process of making sure your business shows at a sufficiently high enough place in these results is known as your “Search Engine Optimization,” or your “SEO.” Many marketing partners will specialize in or focus exclusively on SEO because it is so crucial to your success as a business. 

There are many tools that will come in handy when trying to manage your business’s SEO, from running ads to incorporating Social Media accounts, but for a more focused approach, we thought we’d share some of the great tools we have here at Prism VR that can help you with your search engine optimization to make your business an SEO master!

Virtual Tours

First and foremost to consider is our virtual tours, one of the more unique service offerings we have. These virtual tours are an excellent addition to your business online marketing plan because they help your business stand out in a listing and also drive engagement from online visitors. There’s a lot that goes into your business showing up in search engine results, and what factors impact that will change depending on which search engine is being used, but things that will always have an effect is how often users click on links to visit your site, and how much they explore your site once they’re there. These two actions tell a search engine that your website is going to be a “quality listing,” and is likely providing an answer that people are looking for. A virtual tour helps with this because first, it provides an incentive for someone to click on your site to begin with. Having a virtual tour makes you stand out over a website that has just static photos. Once a visitor has come to your site, a virtual tour will encourage them to explore your site further. You can add action points to the tour that will direct a visitor to other related pages of the site. If your virtual tour is of your sales office, you might include links to specific product information, office hours, or an employment application page. If your tour is of a restaurant you might include links to the menu, specialty items, or a page to make a reservation. All of these options ensure that if someone comes to visit your website, they’ll explore further, ensuring that your site is read by the search engine as a quality result and worth sending other visitors to it.

High Definition Photography

For many businesses, mobile customers are going to be a huge target demographic for any marketing plan. Many potential customers might choose to visit your business based on a search result in a given map query, whether it’s Google Maps or Apple Maps. In addition to making sure that your business listing information is accurate, another crucial practice to success at attracting these mobile searches is having quality photographs on your listing page. Many of your current customers and visitors will likely post these images when they come to visit, but they’ll be using the cameras on their phones, and aren’t really taking targeted pictures with the goal of helping to drive more traffic to your business. This can leave you with the situation of most of the pictures on your business listing being of poor quality and framed around things that might not really show your business in the best light. If you schedule a session with us, we’ll make sure that high quality photographs are taken of the most appealing parts of your business. We can also schedule professional photographs of all of your staff, giving a personal touch to your business listing while still maintaining a professional aura. These pictures will help you stand out and drive interest from potential clients, which also encourages search engines to see your listing as one that drives attention and therefore deserves to show up higher in the results. 

Drone photography

Another line of service that we offer is drone photography. This is an exploding area for businesses, as it the technology has grown in leaps and bounds in the past few years, allowing for not only higher quality images to be available but also for more affordable technology putting it in reach of more businesses. Flying a drone is still a carefully acquired skill though, and while you might find someone who’s got a younger cousin or niece who flies a drone on the weekend, you’re not going to get the quality photographs that are available from our professional team. Schedule a session with our drone photography, and we’ll get dynamic sweeping shots of your property that simply aren’t available in any other way. What’s more, we can incorporate these images into the rest of your package, meaning you can have visitors seamlessly transition from a virtual tour of your business interior to the drone view of the business exterior. In addition to the practical benefits of helping potential visitors get a clearer idea of where your business is located or what outdoor facilities might be available, the simple appeal to the curiosity of potential visitors, driving them to explore your listing or your site more will further drive your SEO.

Regardless of what type of business you have, we’re here to help Prism VR has been able to help business owners working a wide variety of industries to get better results and truly showcase the great services or facilities they have to offer. If you’d like to see how we can help your business, give us a call today!

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