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How a Virtual Tour Can Help Your Business

A “virtual tour” sounds like a futuristic technology that would feature in a science fiction novel, but in reality it is a powerful tool that is available to your business to enhance your marketing and online presence. At Prism, we’ve been able to help businesses of every size use this tool to stand out from their competition in an increasingly crowded world of online marketing.

A virtual tour is a photographic representation of a three dimensional experience of your business space. This can be useful for customers who are checking out your business online before they come to visit in person. Whether you’re running a restaurant or a sales floor, letting your customers see the space before they come in goes a long way to making your website or Google listing stand out from the rest of the crowd. More than half of customers that visit a physical store have looked at the store online before coming in. Particularly when it comes to local searches through websites like Google or Facebook, having a virtual tour lets the potential customer experience your space ahead of time. It attracts them in a way that a handful of static images never could.

A virtual tour is memorable, and is more likely to bring a customer back to your website again and again. These repeated visits also push your website higher in Google search results, especially if you use them well. A virtual tour can be added to your Google Street View listing, allowing a potential customer who’s looking through local map listings to see the option from there as well as the more generic listing. Again, this brings customers who might be looking through a variety of local options into your location, because it sparks curiosity and makes you stand out.

We offer virtual tours starting at just seven cents per square foot, a fiercely competitive price for a high quality virtual tour to get your business started! Check out some of our tours and learn more about how virtual tours work by visiting our website, and call us today to schedule an appointment!

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