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How Can Aerial Photography Benefit Your Business

A huge percentage of businesses find themselves advertising primarily online, many times through a social media site like Facebook. On the flip side, a majority of shoppers will try to check out your business online, either through your website or a Facebook page long before they’ll even set foot in your door. Because of these trends, it has become even more important than ever to have high quality photos to show off your business online. You may have dozens, hundreds, or in some rare cases, even thousands of photos uploaded by your customers and clients to social share sites like Facebook or Google Maps, but these will often be taken inexpertly using a mobile phone. In addition to the rest of our professional photography services we also offer one other thing that will help set your business apart. Drone aerial photography. You might be wondering, if other photo options are available, why you should add drone aerial photography to your business’ online profile. There are several benefits to consider:


Identify your business - Perhaps the most basic benefit of drone aerial photography is that it will help customers identify your business. On a purely pragmatic level, aerial photographs help a customer more clearly identify where you are located, the size of your business, and what to expect when they arrive. On a less concrete, but no less applicable level, aerial photography helps to begin the “story” you need to tell to customers to draw them in. All marketing comes down to narrative, it’s a matter of the story you are telling to your potential clientele of why they need you and why they need your services. Exterior photographs like aerial photography help weave that story in a way that the customer identifies with subconsciously. No one looks at an aerial photograph and says out loud, “I could see myself going there,” but that’s exactly the process that happens in the brain while they process the photo they’re seeing.


Demonstrate progress - This is particularly helpful for businesses working in the construction or remodeling industry. Aerial photography can help demonstrate in a way that on the ground photographs or even visits to the physical location can’t. A literal bird’s eye level view can show the dramatic changes over time that you’re bringing to the project, as well as help identify where future phases will be headed. Our affordable rates make it feasible to do multiple aerial shots throughout your project to show the stages of development, but even if you choose a simple presentation of the final product, aerial photography can help cement in your customers the good work you have done. Even if you aren’t in the construction business, you can benefit if your business is actively growing or in the process of a remodel yourself. Aerial photography to show off a new expansion or a redesign can help excite and attract customers who may have waned over the years as well as interest new customers in the new things you are doing!


Clearly show a property- The real estate business continues to be increasingly competitive, particularly in and around the Cincinnati area. Because of this, there’s an ever heightening battle to set your listing apart, whether it’s using our HDR photography or Virtual Tour services, we’ve helped many real estate agents or businesses set their listing apart from the competition. Aerial photography is the next big part of that puzzle. A dramatic drone video showing your property and the surrounding area can help your listing pop in a pronounced way. Even if you aren’t looking to sell, having aerial photography of your property can come in handy for records showing your property boundaries or filing along with insurance claims. Getting a yearly review video of your premises can be an excellent record to have on hand.


Perhaps as you’ve been reading this you’ve thought of another benefit aerial photography could have for your business, or one of the benefits we listed above were a surprise you hadn’t considered before. Either way, we hope you give us a call today so we can help get your business in the air!

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