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Virtual Tour of Crema & Co.

VR Tour: Crema and Co

Who doesn’t love chocolate and coffee? Well, to find some of the best, you want to check out Crema and Company in Covington, Kentucky. Not only a selection of chocolate and hand-crafted pastries, they also premium ice creams and even Ghyslain Signature hand painted chocolates.

Using this VR tour, make sure to take a look at the charming artwork on the wall, the gift selections on the shelves, and the pastries in the display cases. Of particular note is the beautiful chandelier over the front seating table!

Check out Crema and Co on Facebook. To see how a VR tour could benefit your business, contact us today!

Tip: This isn't just any video!  Press play and then click the screen at any time to stop and look around.  On a mobile device, click this icon Matterport Virtual Reality to use your device as a 3D viewer.  Simply move your phone up or down, left or right, and you'll feel like you are really there.

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