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What is augmented reality

Are you a world traveler or someone who enjoys discovering new places? Is your idea of the perfect day walking around and looking at a beautiful place you have yet to see ?

How about a realtor or someone selling their home? Do you feel that still pictures may not do the home justice on the market?

Or maybe you’re a teacher. Someone who wants to take their class to the edges of the earth and bring the world into the room so that  your students can be experience lessons in a memorable way.  

What do these three people have in common above? They can all benefit from the use of VR Tours. Simply put, a VR Tour is a virtual reality video that allows you to tour a specific area just like if you were actually there. You can allow your mind and sight to explore a brand new world, all while sitting in the comfort of your own home.


For the traveler: VR Tours allow you to experience the beauty of an area even when it may be cost prohibitive or too dangerous to visit.  isit. Relive memories, scope out accessibility, or just feed your wanderlust. 


For the seller: While you can hire someone to take some great pictures, nothing beats a virtual tour. Prospective buyers can easily imagine themselves living in the space and they can gain an understanding of the home layout that still photography can't capture.  


For the teacher: virtual reality helps teachers to immerse their students into whatever are studying. Students learn and retain more when they can engage their senses.


This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Contact us today to find out how a virtual reality tour could set your business apart.

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