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What is augmented reality

What exactly is augmented reality?

Augmented reality essentially means to enhance reality.  Instead of a virtual representation of the real world, users experience a mixed reality that blends what is real with what is created. Companies are already putting augmented reality to work for their businesses.


Snapchat isn't just a common social platform.  It's also a form of augmented reality?


This furniture company is changing the way you choose your furniture with augmented reality. Their app will allow you to place virtual furniture in your home using
your camera so you can see what it might look like before you buy it.


For all those hair and makeup lovers out there, L’Oreal has created Makeup Genius and Style My Hair. These apps allow the user to try makeup and hair styles before committing.


Whether it be socially, through interior design or simply to refresh one’s own looks, augmented reality can be used to enhance many aspects of the world around us.  We're taking steps to keep businesses ahead of developing technologies like this.  Is yours one of them?

It’s time to enhance life as we know it!

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