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Bosch Financial

7620 Dixie Hwy, Florence, KY 41042 | (859) 746-9110 |

VR tour of Bosch Financial

Virtual Tours of offices are always fun to do! We get to see different setups for different workplaces. These are great tools for businesses like yours to use for recruiting with new employees, especially if you are recruiting someone from outside of your home market. Hiring someone from several states away opens up your ability to find a more competitive applicant than if you were restricting yourself to just your local area, and with a virtual tour of your offices you can show them what your office space is actually like.


One of the things that’s interesting about this tour is that because there are a large number of individual offices in the building, and each is set up a little differently, is that you can get a few different ideas of how to set up an office. You can look through each one and get a feel for how a different setup might work for you, and even get a feel for the personality of the different people working there.


Oh, another fun thing with this tour, there are a number of mirrors throughout the offices, so you actually catch a few glimpses of our camera set up if you keep a keen eye out!


Tip: This isn't just any video!  Press play and then click the screen at any time to stop and look around.  On a mobile device, click this icon Matterport Virtual Reality to use your device as a 3D viewer.  Simply move your phone up or down, left or right, and you'll feel like you are really there.

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